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The episode picks back up when both batches of the queens meet up in the studio. RuPaul confirms that a queen is getting eliminated tonight.

The queens run to meet each other. Irene Dubois recognizes Mistress Isabelle Brooks from Texas and is happy to see her. Luxx is online friends with Sugar and Spice. The group roasts the twins for talking too much.

The first group shows the other queens what they've choreographed so far. The group descends into more arguments as they can't decide who's choreographing the group.

During the next day, the queens claim their makeup stations and their clothing. Sugar and Spice claim a station together. The queens aren't sure if Mistress and Irene hate each other.

Irene is confused by the twins as they take too long to get ready with their makeup. Meanwhile, Irene finds a 40-inch wig and tries to compare her wig against Luxx Nois London's entrance wig.

Luxx, Sugar, and Spice talk about their followings on social media and how they find community online as drag queens. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx overhears their comments and makes a face.

Irene and Mistress confirm they're friends and not enemies. Mistress is warming up to the twins; they call her the "Mare of Dragville."

Amethyst is lip-syncing during the talent show. Loosey LaDuca plans to sing live during the talent show. Anetra is keeping her talent a secret. Irene has a talent involving ice water.

The majority of queens are ready to go to the stage, but Sugar and Spice aren't ready yet. They can't find their wigs in their boxes. In confessional, Malaysia thinks one of the twins will go home.

The judges are RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, and Ariana Grande.

For the One Night Only talent show, the queens perform their opening number for the judges. The number is inspired by beauty pageant openings.

Malaysia Babydoll Fox does a lip-sync to one of her songs; she gets a crown placed on her head. Spice does a lip-sync to her song; she comes out of a coffin and makes everyone laugh. Luxx does a lip-sync to her song; she does hairography and a split. Mistress does a boxing-inspired lip-sync to her song. Loosey sings live to her song, but she's a bit pitchy and stiff in her dancing. Marcia Marcia Marcia does a nerdy sexy dance, in full headgear and dances to a Ross Mathews photo. Robin Fierce does a lip-sync and dance to a song; it's not her song.

Irene does an awkward comedy routine about making ice water. Anetra does a lip-sync to her song; she does a few stunts and karate moves to break boards. Sugar does a lip-sync to her song; she has a girly bed nearby for her routine. Princess Poppy does a lip-sync to her song with a comedic puppet. Salina EsTitties does a lip-sync to her song; she does a sexy dance and rap. Amethyst does a lip-sync to a popular song; she walks out in jeans, sneakers, and a baby on her back. Aura Mayari does a lip-sync and dance to a Blackpink song. Sasha Colby does a lip-sync to "Zombie" in a straightjacket. Jax does a lip-sync with extra-long braids that she uses as a jump rope and does multiple backflips.

The runway category is "Who is she?!"

Irene Dubois wears a leather Alien-inspired ensemble. Luxx has a grand violet elegant piece with a large statement hat. Aura Mayari wears a black vinyl-fitted corset gown. Marcia Marcia Marcia wears a Chanel-inspired preppy outfit. Anetra is in a futuristic gold shiny gown. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx is in a white rhinestone gown. Princess Poppy is in a tule-bubblegum tutu. Sasha Colby wears the gown she won Miss Continental in. Salina EsTitties wears a full head-to-toe denim outfit.

Amethyst goes for a slutty lacey bodysuit with bows. Jax has a New York-inspired fitted leopard bodysuit. Loosey LaDuca is in a campy rhinestone outfit inspired by Britney Spears' Toxic. Mistress Isabelle Brooks wears a glittery red fringe ensemble. Robin Fierce is in a glamorous white and glittery bodysuit. Sugar is in a sexy yellow gown inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Spice is in a sexy feathery blue gown inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

RuPaul calls Luxx, Aura, Malaysia, Princess Poppy, Sasha, Salina, Mistress, Robin, Sugar, and Spice. All the queens are safe.

During the judging panel, Michelle compliments the opening number. Irene's talent show wasn't funny and didn't have a punchline; the judges liked her runway. The judges loved Marcia's talent show and her runway outfit, but they want her to wear more makeup. The judges loved Anetra's talent show from start to finish and her runway outfit. The judges think Amethyst should've held off on showing the baby in her routine; they like her outfit but wanted her to have some padding. Jax's routine was amazing from the jump rope and backflips. Loosey's live vocals and her performance were held back by managing both; the judges loved her runway outfit.

Loosey starts crying on the main stage.

During the secret judging panel, the judges think Irene's act didn't land the comedy, Marcia showed off her talent very well, Anetra wowed all the judges with her performance, they have no idea who Amethyst is from her talent show, the judges loved Jax's whole routine, and Loosey didn't hit her mark during her talent show.

Anetra is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. Marcia and Jax are safe. Loosey is safe. Irene and Amethyst are the bottom two.

The lip-sync is "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande. Both Irene and Amethyst give a clean lip-sync, serving the lyrics and the fierceness of the song. Irene does a leg pull on the stage while Amethyst does a split.

Amethyst wins the lip-sync.

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