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The witches get closer to finding out who interrupted their ceremony but Mary's thoughts about Alden keep her from focusing.

Alden tracks Cotton down at the whorehouse. Cotton tells him that hellfire has the consistency of black pitch, just like what he saw with Isaac in the woods.

Before Alden can get Cotton into the woods, Hale has him arrested. Alden tells Cotton to talk to Isaac.

Mary tells Hale to concern himself with finding out who broke the circle.

Cotton finds a tree, like a witches cauldron, and sticks his hand in it. He pulls out what looks like a hand and it has writing on it, bugs come out.

Mary tells John to leave, but when he asks her to come with him, she says she cannot. He doesn't believe that she doesn't want him. Mary cries.

John gives his half of the silver vow coin to begging children in the street.

Hale goes to a seer who breathes life into a lizard who saw what happened in the woods.

Mercy is hanging in church. Bridget thinks the Selectmen are using her to put fear into the people. 

Mary smelled a girl carrying a dead baby and she plans on using her as a lesson for the people.

Mary only needs kill 9 more innocents before the full moon and her grand right will be complete.

The woman gives death to the dead baby while seeing what Mercy usually sees in her room. It's a horrific experience.

John finds out Isaac threw Giles into a ditch.

Mary makes sure the midwife is set up as the foul hag of evil.

Cotton, John and Isaac go to collect Giles body. John buries him in the graveyard.

Mary calls Cotton to tell her of a monstrous birth delivered by Bridget Bishop, just as he described in his books.

Anne Hale stands up for Bridget Bishop during her trial, while the poor dead baby sits in front of the people in a jar. 

John interrupts to say bad things happen with a roll of the dice. Would he hang an innocent woman based on his opinion?

Mary manipulates the situation again, making Mercy vomit blood all over Bridget.

Bridget is hanged, peeing herself as she dies before the town.

Anne goes to John asking him to avenge the madness. Her fire reminds him of who Mary once was.

John goes to Mary and tells him he intends to claim the Alden seat on the Selectmen board. it might be just once voice, but it's a start.

Anne is drawing pictures of John in her room while Mary makes a voodoo doll and gets it into her room somehow.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Giles Corey built half this town and you threw him into a God damn ditch?


There was a time when I might have suckled more than a toad.