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Mary tries her best magic to bring George back to life, but it's no use. She believes all is lost as a result. The good news is that she squeezes blood from her toad, so it gives me hope for Brown Jenkins.

Out in the streets of Salem, Alden puts on his magical pouch so he can walk around unseen. He's not doing so well. He takes it off and black veins start to creep upon him.

Marburg is sailing for Salem, talking witchy things with her son.

Hawthorne is speaking disgustingly of Anne Hale in the pub. Cotton calls him on it. Hawthorne is a frakkin' pig.

Anne, meanwhile, is writing in her Book of Shadows, wondering if it even worked, her little spell. does Cotton love her? Mary is cheering Cotton on to kill Hawthorne while Anne says he's no killer. Mary storms over in her anger, demanding they both be dragged to jail. Anne is happy Cotton didn't kill the man.

Alden appears to be making his way back to the seer's cabin in the woods. The man is still talking and Alden is stunned. 

Marburg arrives and they two women begin annoying each other to death. Marburg suggests Mary learn from her and Mary accepts. Her first lesson? Practice the art of losing gracefully.

Marburg goes to the brig and checks in on Hawthorne and Cotton. She goes straight to work embarrassing Hawthorne. 

Anne is again writing about Cotton when Brown Jenkins comes up and she realizes he is her familiar.

Isaac and what's her name are in love and she's even kissing all of his grossness.

Sebastian is sitting with George in his room when Mary enters. He plans on having her. Amazingly, what he offers doesn't sound half bad, a man who will dedicate himself to her every need.

He takes her hairpin and puts it into George's forehead. He disappears. Sebastian assures her they will live happily ever after and he leaves her. In tears.

Alden sits with a talking dead man in the cabin. Alden is so very dirty. Petras taunts him, wondering why he won't kill Mary when he knows very well he must. 

Marburg goes to see Mercy. Mercy cries until snot comes out of her burned little nose. She wants to grant her wishes, but it's unclear, exactly, how she hopes to do that.

Cotton goes to see Anne. He happy to see her and wants to move forward on his new lease on life. Now that she did it, Anne is feeling guilty about her spell. 

Tituba goes to Petras' cabin and finds Alden. She begins trying to kill him.

Back in the ship, Mercy discovers the countess' secret. Dollie is on tap and she's going to make Mercy whole again. Despite her initial protests, when Mercy sees what Dollie's blood can do for her, she turns the tap and gets to work.

Meanwhile, Mary is in the woods, too. She's digging up Increase Mather. There is bad blood between Marburg and Increase and she's going to exploit it.

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Salem Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Countess Marburg: Oh Salem. We have heard of your terrible plights and now we see with out own eyes the neglect that has been shown you. We took sail as hastily as we could to show solidarity and to bring an abundance of supplies! [applause breaks out]
Mary: Such a display of wealth and opulence. How could we ever repay you?
Countess Marburg: The look of open affection and gratitude in your face is repayment enough. [kisses both of her cheeks]

So it's true. Killers do always return to the scene of their crime.