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On Salem Season 2 Episode 10, Mary comes up with the perfect plan to get Countess Marburg's relic and save her son, but she makes sure John knows that no matter what happens to her, he needs to protect their boy. As the time grows near for the boy to be reborn as the dark lord, Mary puts her plan into action. Mary goes to the boat, frees the children who the Countess was keeping prisoner and finds her relic. Of course there is an enchantment on her relic, but Mary is able to push through the spell and take it. Mary goes meet Countess Marburg, Sebastian and little John in the woods and threatens to destroy the relic unless they release her son. Countess Marburg tries to reason with Mary, but before she can barter with her, John swoops in and gets the boy. Sebastian and Countess Marburg take Mary and Sebastian proves why he can't be trusted when Magistrate Hawthorne comes to the house and arrests Mary for having sex with Dr. Wainwright and Sebastian is the one who will testify against her.

Meanwhile, Cotton is saved by John Alden who wants him to take part in an exorcism on the boy. Cotton agrees, but before he can go with John, he wants to see Anne. At Anne's house, Cotton confesses his love yet again and says they must get married that day because he's not sure if he'll make it through the night and they exchange vows in the woods.

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Salem Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

John: If we get the devil out of him, we're done, all of us.
Cotton: And do you have this boy?
John: No, but I'm working on it.

Soon child, all the world will be your home.

Countess Marburg