Salem Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Til Death Do Us Part

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What a crappy wedding day!

This season of Salem has been leading up to the inevitable war between Mary and Countess Marburg and tonight's Salem Season 2 Episode 10, is the wonderful kickoff point for both of the women. While there may not have been a lot of action tonight, at least the story moved forward and we got a clear picture of where they're going.

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss tonight's crazy episode.

Who else was completely freaked out by the lullaby Countess Marburg was singing to little John?

The entire scene between them was utterly uncomfortable to watch and shocking; though I'd venture to guess it's what the show as going for – can't stay away from the shock value.

It was chilling to see John's eyes go dark after the (awkward) kiss between him and Countess Marburg – at least the woman is telling the truth about the dark lord being in the child.

Soon child, all the world will be your home.

Countess Marburg

Thank goodness John was there to save Cotton because the poor guy has been through enough. Of course John had ulterior motives in saving Cotton, but it makes sense why he would go to Cotton, and no one else, to get an exorcism for little John.

Cotton did bring up some good points about doing an exorcism, it's dangerous and can cause more harm than good.

Speaking of John, you can't blame the man for wondering if the boy is truly his. Everything is pointing to little John being the son of the dark lord and, according to Countess Marburg, he never really belonged to Mary in the first place.

John does get credit for not immediately denouncing Mary's plea for forgiveness and owning up to the fact they both have done things which can be perceived as unforgivable. 

Mary: You came.
John: No for you.
Mary: I know, but at least it means you're here to save our son.
John: Are you really sure the boy is really yours? Let alone mine?
Mary: I'm sure. And when you look into his eyes, you will be too.

Something I'll miss if they do decide to get rid of Countess Marburg is the amusing digs both her and Mary take at each other. Mary gets a lot of credit for at least going toe to toe with the Countess, considering the woman is ancient and stronger, but Mary has shown she can hold her own against her as well.

Thankfully, their digs took away from the horrendous speech Magistrate Hawthorne was giving.

Countess Marburg: Their Lord may forgive, but I don't. Be on the road with us tonight or I will delight in destroying what you hold most dear. And then I will find you and keep you alive long enough for you to see me take my first bite out of your heart.
Mary: My heart? You're welcome to it, but it might be a little bitter for your taste.

Of course Magistrate Hawthorne would try to get his grubby hands on Anne and try to say Cotton was dead, but Cotton showed up at the right moment to shut the man up and put him in his place. Magistrate Hawthorne was delusion to think Anne was going to just forget her feelings for Cotton and turn to him for support.

At least Cotton and Anne got to exchange vows in probably one of the most depressing wedding ceremonies ever.

At least Mary clued Anne in on what could possibly happen to Cotton and even telling Anne not to trust anyone, including her father's voice.

Unfortunately, Mary is right about Anne not having a choice in taking part in the war between the witches – she's been visited by the devil and there's no turning back at this point. 

You'd think a woman such as Countess Marburg would have way more protection in place to keep her relic from being stolen. It was far to easy for Mary to get in there, get the relic and bring her to the woods. At least John was able to swoop in before their son was hurt and take him to a safe house – the hug between father and son was absolutely adorable.

The most heartbreaking moment came when Isaac, while cradling the woman he loves, was crying and losing it on the boat. Here's a man who has been through so much, and is the wisest man on the show, and he's dealt yet another blow. 

In the end, Sebastian proved why he can't be trusted when he had Mary arrested for having sex with Dr. Wainwright and has agreed to testify against her. Countess Marburg and Sebastian quickly figured out it was John Alden who took the boy and the Countess is determined to find out more about John and little John showed his dark side to his father and Cotton – there's the proof Cotton needs to perform an exorcism.

What did you think of "Till Death Do Us Part"? Do you think an exorcism will work?

You still have time to catch up on this exciting season of Salem. Go watch Salem online now via TV Fanatic and come back to let us know what you think.

Til Death Do Us Part Review

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Salem Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

John: If we get the devil out of him, we're done, all of us.
Cotton: And do you have this boy?
John: No, but I'm working on it.

Soon child, all the world will be your home.

Countess Marburg