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In the series premiere, Neil Truman and his wife Grace try to figure out what is missing in their marriage. 

Neil knows something is wrong with his life because he wants to feel more. He just doesn't know how to do it.

Truman's boss wants to send him to New York for a huge deal and he cracks. He tries to quit and his boss doesn't accept.

Neil winds up going on trip to New York instead of spending time with his family. His wife Grace gets him a tie, like so many others he already has.

Neil wants to make love to his wife, but she's too tired.

Neil asks kindly for a water from the flight attendant and she just says no. The flight is delayed by more than an hour and the air doesn't work. The attendant tried to comfort people. The flight crew has gone over their limit while the passengers sat on the plane over five hours and they need to "shuffle out a new flight crew." The attendant takes a gulp of water and Neil really cracks.

Neil opens the jet door, pops the escape shoot and is suddenly in a room with his attorney. He ends up on the no-fly list.

Feeling on top of the world, Neil goes home after quitting his job in splendid fashion and finds his wife being pounded up against the wall.

Six months earlier:  Grace is looking for a job. She rejoins the workforce, but otherwise she's left with book clubs and raising the children, completely unfulfilled. 

While Grace is unfulfilled, Neil is also overwhelmed at work. Grace wants to take her book club out, but they think a bottle of wine is fine. She drives them all to a dance club and that's where she meets Simon. 

Simon's girl comes and Grace ends up in a bar fight. The next day she rides over to Simon's. 

Present Day: Neil follows Simon and tries to beat him up. Simon gives him advice: don't go home yet. Wait 24 hours. 

Neil learns Simon's a hooker and cannot believe he does it for a living. 

Anika has a performance at school and she dedicates her song to two of her teachers and begins singing about an affair. Neil gives her a standing Ovation, even after her performance was abruptly ended.

The school wants to expel Anika and the principal refuses to believe the affair was real.

If the situation had happened wtih one of the more committed families, it might have been a different story.

The pool represents his marriage, his family. They used to love it, but now they never use it anymore. What happened?

Call Me! Rings our from the Truman's trash can. In Simon's jacket is a phone and Neil answers it. He's going to take Simon's appointment. Simon calls to find out if Neil has come home and if he might have left his phone there. Whoops!

Neil, as Simon, meets the client. He came highly recommended. He asks the wrong questions in the best possible way. He's going to learn from other women how to reengage with Grace.

Feels so much pressure to perform at work... she wishes he felt the same way about their marriage. She just wants to feel wanted because nobody has wanted her in so long. "Simon" spends the night.

Grace calls. Neil says they rescheduled his trip to New York. 

Neil is shocked by the amount of money he gets from his first client. She hopes if she gets home to her husband she can find out if anything changed. Neil looks at his wedding ring.

Grade goes to Neil's office and learns what happens. In five years, Grace never once visited the office.

Neil goes to meet with a man who studies Buddhism. Neil suggests everyone could be zen if all they did was medicate. Neil gets a call-me call and is asked to spend the week with someone for $5000. He gets up to leave and the monk points at the flower. Neil looks at him like he's crazy. The monk was really pointing at a condom that fell out of his pocket.

Neil meets with Adriana and she gives him a suit to go out for the night. He says he can't accept it. A woman's generosity should never be questioned. That warms him up.

Neil runs into someone he knows at the benefit and when he's asked to look at his portfolio, Neil turns him down.

Adriana is a recruiter. She runs her own sex service. She thinks he's unlike others in the field. He has a soul. He thought he lost it.

Neil drives home, sits in front of his garage and sees the neighbor looking unloading a big TV, the biggest on the market. Inside, Grace is sitting with his former boss. He wants that kind of passion and recklessness. Neil doesn't want his job back and he's offered a partnership. The guy at the party is insisting Neil take over the hedge fund.

Grace fired the pool guy. The pool is the whole reason they bought the house.

Neil takes the job as hedge fund manager. He gets to work and Simon is waiting for him in the parking garage. Neil did something to his contacts. 

Simon threatens Neil and Neil follows up with a threat from the IRS. 

The family finally uses the pool and Grace unveils a new bikini. She goes in to make lunch and calls Simon -- Neil still has the phone.

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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I don't know what to say because I hate this job. None of what I do really matters. I don't even get to see what I'm trading on a daily basis, it's just numbers on a screen. It's not real. We don't contribute anything to the world in any meaningful way. We just hoard money, and I always thought you were an asshole for making that a virtue.


I think the problem is I need to feel more right now, not less.