Grace has trouble re-entering the working world while Adriana encourages Neil to keep exploring his secret life.

Neil visits the monk again to talk out his problems. He still loves Grace and made a few phone calls to take care of Simon and he feels alive again. The monk thinks they're even now that Neil had sex with some strangers.

Neil wonders if he can keep doing what he thinks is making their marriage better. The Monk doesn't and sets up a meeting with Grace and Simon from Simon's phone in Neil's pocket. He's a pretty cool monk.

We check in with Simon who is with a woman. She's concerned that Simon lost his phone. He asks for a check from her instead of cash and notices his car is being repossessed.

Grace has a chance to design an entire lobby for a startup company. Before calling Neil, she texts Simon to ask when they can meet. Neil cannot concentrate when she calls asking about the video camera changer.

At work, Neil learns Charles, the man who wants him to run his fund, spoke with Adriana thinking she was Neil's wife.

Adriana is incredibly sexy. We're reminded of this when Neil visits and they talk about their future arrangement, if there is to be one. She eventually agrees not to say another word if he'll tell her how things were since their date. They've been great.

Neil arrives home to a dinner burning in the oven. Grace needs help with color palettes.

Anika reads out her attempt at an apology to the school and Neil agrees that she's being rewarded for telling the truth.

Neil and Grace decide they wouldn't tell each other the truth about something that would really hurt the other. The also decide leading by example would be best for Anika. Neil grabs Simon's phone and texts Grace to meet on Tuesday. She replies that it sounds perfect.

Simon finds out that all of his assets have been frozen by the IRS. He runs off.

Grace visits her sister to get some pot. She has many different types.

Things fall apart for Neil at work, but that's not the worst of it. Simon steals his cat in a tit for tat situation and gets his phone back with all the contacts. Simon only asked that Neil leave him alone so he didn't escalate his "moonlighting" situation, but got lucky. Simon texts Grace that they need to talk.

Grace gets stoned and Anika comes home in the middle of it. Anika is truly impressed with the work Grace accomplishes and apologizes that Grace had to give it up to have her. Anika rewrote her letter because she wants to go back to school -- she's really popular now.

Neil buys Simon's car from the impound and heads over to Charles' place. He finds Adriana there. Neil comes clean, tells Charles he knows his former partners were cheating him out of about a million a month and wonders who Charles' gut says he should trust now.

Grace goes to Simon's, gives him what she owes and attempts to break it off. He says it's never been about money, and if it was before, it isn't now. Now it's about Neil.

Neil wants to park his new car in Adriana's garage and come around to drive it on a trial basis. He's getting a new number and will call her when he does.

Neil is meditating with the monk. How long? Six minutes. He can't believe that's all it was. He gives it another go and only imagines Grace with Simon and himself with Adriana when he closes his eyes.

Neil arrives home to the sounds of sex. Grace is watching an old video they recorded of themselves making love. 

Anika takes her mom's car to meet up with her new friends and finds Simon driving her dad's car -- the one Neil just said was in the shop. Anika texts a picture of Simon in the car to her dad: Simon?





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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

So, if you knew something that would really hurt me, would you lie?


No. I'm not an escort! I'm just a regular guy who went crazy for a couple days. And got paid for it.