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Neil and Grace try to figure out their future while contemplating Anika's as well. 

Grace is distraught at Simon's news, but shocked that he had a backup plan to take care of her. 

Mateo visits Neil at his office. Neil wonders if he's asking to marry Anika.

Adriana is pissed that Simon aired his dirty laundry in her house and she cuts ties with him. Simon intends to discover what more there is to life, because he knows it's not sleeping with a variety of women and making a lot of money.

Adriana challenges Simon to go get Grace if he wants her. Maybe she can help.

Anika and Mateo plan on introducing their parents and proposing a plan.

Grace starts to pack. She calls Anika. She remembers all of the things Neil has said now that she knows he said it fully aware of what she had done. She juxtaposes those thoughts to what Simon offered to her.

Anika and Mateo show up with his parents in tow. They have something important they want to talk to them about.

Grace freaks out and leaves the "party" and she and Neil start to talk about other things. She says "Screw you" and everything else comes tumbling out.

Anika imagines a life with Simon, but even though it seems really exciting, she seems to think it's missing something.

Mateo's dad brings up another girl that he was trying to run away with before, Tatiana.

Mateo's parents have a breakdown over money issues, causing Neil and Grace to fall back on revealing their secrets. It's doubtful Simon will allow that to happen.

After poking Simon the Bear, Adriana calls Neil to apologize for making the offer to be together. She's crying.

After Mateo's parents leave, Grace suggests they see a therapist. They unpack her bag.

The next morning, Grace is gone. The neighbor comes over and tells Neil there is a crack in the foundation of the pool or something, because it's leaking.

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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Would anyone like a glass of wine while we chew our fingernails off?


I've always had a backup plan. I can support you. I can help you be the person that you want to be.