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Neil makes a deal with Simon while Grace looks to Stephanie to try to reconnect with her artistic side. 

Neil attacks Simon in a tanning bed because he thought Simon was with Anika. Simon screams that if he cripples Neil, it's premeditated because he can't even access his bank account. Grace has told Simon Neil is checked out of their marriage and emotionally unavailable. Simon suggests Neil support her while she follows her dreams because she's a very talented woman.

Both men agree their argument is stupid. Neil wants to call off the IRS in return for everything Simon knows about Grace and their marriage. 

Grace and Anika chair dance in the car. 

Neil learns you can't just release the IRS Kraken and just call him back. The dude's boss is gonna make an example out of him now and there's nothing Neil can do. Simon is screwed.

Grace discovers she's reporting to a young project manager who has skewered her design for feng shui and budgetary purposes.

Neil meets a woman named Samantha, Charles' wife. The money Neil found missing was being funneled into an account in her name so she could overlook the other women and such. Neil promised Charles he would always tell him the truth and feels horrible about this new development.

In Neil's office waits an invitation and a mask. It's a networking opportunity for Neil set up by Adriana. She arranged for him to wear a mask so he could maintain his privacy.

Anika left school early and called Aunt Stephanie to come get her. Something happened at school.

When Grace tells Neil about her day, he asks how it made her feel and tells her he supports her for following her dreams. She assures him she would tell him if she thought otherwise, but he has other information.

Neil tries to check on Anika, but she's sleeping so he calls Simon who is buck naked with a client. Neil tells him they have a problem and he has to bring him his last three years of tax returns and they need to meet tomorrow. Neil sits down to watch TV with Grace while they eat takeout and Neil cannot get the image of Simon with a women out of his head.

Neil is surprised when Simon asks whether Grace got the job she wanted. Acting like a financial planner, Neil launches into the work at hand, discovering Simon makes about $15k a month, but only had $600 in the bank when the IRS took it over. Neil wonders what Grace saw in Simon. Someone fun, exciting and who listened. Grace's life is boring but she isn't.

The two have conflicting opinions about women. Simon won't settle down until he knows what women want. He things Neil got out of the game before he even knew how to play, but Neil says he stepped up. Feeling insulted, Neil walks away. Simon says it's not finished and Neil assures him there is nothing he can learn from Simon.

At the job, Grace stops a contractor from taking out a load-bearing pillar, but the young chicky thinks it will be just fine, even though Grace checked with the city on requirements. She wants to know why she's being cut out. When Grace brings up age again, she decides to step back and offer to start over with drinks after work.

Anika skipped school and goes to Stephanie's. It turns out Anika wishes she was invisible again because popularity isn't what she imagined. At the bar, Simon show's up and Alex eyes him first. It's a bit uncomfortable all around.

When Neil finds himself home alone for the evening, he hits the pool and just looks at the sky. Then he opens his invitation again. He heads to the party, but separates from Adriana and heads out on his own. Discretion is the name of the game.

Neil hears what Adriana drops down about what makes him special and he drops the mask and leaves.

Grace tries to get Simon to leave so they can talk business but Alex wants him to stay. When Simon tells her there's something she needs to know, Grace says she tells her problems to her hair dresser, too, but they don't follow her around. She paid him, end of story. Only when he says she must be totally happy at home now does she wonder what he might have been thinking.

Grace goes back to the project location the next morning and knocks the pole around, causing the ceiling to crumble. She then calls Patrick to tell him why Alex doesn't have the chops to deal with the project.

Neil asks Charles if he really wants to know what he and his wife talked about. It won't make Charles happy to know the truth, because he doesn't care about it in the absolute sense of the word. Only how it affects his bottom line. He wants to be happy, and if he knew everything Neil now knows, he won't be. Neil shows him the paper and Charles tears it up. Charles met his wife because she was married to his best friend. 

Stephanie helps Anika throw her first party and after her friend wonders if anyone else is coming, she freaks out a bit. Stephanie wants Anika to sing the whole song for her friends, but offers her a bit of tequila first. She's just trying to be cool!

It's Grace's turn to float in the pool, and her mind wanders to Simon. At the same time, Neil is with the monk and they discuss why might happen if Neil and Grace take off their masks. Will they even recognize each other?

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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Neil: What did she see in you?
Simon: Well I think you caught a glimpse of that at the tanning salon.

Women don't come to me for just sex. It's about, it's about listening. A lot of times I know more about 'em than their husbands do. They trust me and I'm not gonna betray that.