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The gun lobby is worried about David Rosen and the legislation President Grant would like to see passed. David sees this as his attempt to prove himself and likes being "inside the bubble" with power. What he finds is that being inside the bubble requires more than just his ability to argue a case.

Olivia goes to see her father, on the premise that she just stopped by to say hello. Rowan identifies with what she's feeling and knows he's the only thing in her life that feels normal anymore. He invites she and Jake to dinner. Jake doesn't want to go to dinner with Rowan because Olivia is not his girlfriend.

Olivia visits Jake and when she tells him it's not a booty call, he tells her he's working. She claims to be done because he refused to go to dinner with her father. He acquiesces to her request after learning the truth about the Grant's son's death.

In his time spent not being Olivia's boyfriend, Jake tracks down information about Harrison's death. Charlie is his only lead, and Charlie only wants one night with Quinn before he'll talk. They share a moment and Quinn later questions her loyalty to OPA.

Catherine Winslow, a woman from Olivia's past, calls when her daughter doesn't come home after a fight about college. Catherine doesn't want to go to the police despite the fact that this is the third time her daughter has gone missing. 

Huck and Quinn find the girl at a hotel, and Olivia sends the mother to meet her. The girl ends up dead and Olivia believes the mother did it because the daughter found out Catherine was sleeping with a teenage boy.

Mellie is gripped by a national news story about a woman who may have pushed her new husband off a cliff on their honeymoon. When she begins making demands about how to help with the case, Abby tries to shut her down. Fitz mandates that she be given whatever she wants because working on the case is helping with her grief. That ends up shedding an unflattering light on her mental state.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

[to Olivia] Call me later if you want me to do that thing to you.


Rowan: Re-entry is always hard. You emerged from deep cover. I mean, it wasn't covert ops. You weren't a spy. But I know the feeling. I know it very well. You come back, you re-enter to find the world kept spinning without you. You go to the places you used to go and you see the people you used to see and it's like something is missing. But really, everything is missing. Somehow everything is different. Everything is...
Olivia: Colder. Everything is colder.