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On Scandal, Mellie's emotional struggles over the loss of her son grip the nation when photos of a disheveled First Lady visiting her son's grave hit the newspapers and tabloids. Many begin to believe that Fitz's family life may be affecting his politics, particularly since he's leaning across the aisle to enact legislation.

Jake rents a hotel suite so that he and Olivia can continue their romantic entanglement on his terms. If she wants to pursue their relationship, she'll have to come to him. Olivia protests, but is summoned by Cyrus.

For the State of the Union address, Cyrus prepares to welcome a hero-couple comprised of a war veteran and a school teacher who risked her life to save the lives of her students. She ended up paralyzed in the process and her relationship with the former P.O.W. (and his status) made the two of them anti-gun champions. When they refuse to attend the State of the Union and will not give Cyrus a reason, he blackmails Olivia into helping.

Cyrus attempts to bond with Mellie over their similar losses, but she insists they're not the same. Her son and Cyrus' husband aren't the same kind of loss. He disagrees, or seems to disagree, and then goes out for a drink where he meets Michael, a mysterious stranger in the bar.

Jake begins looking into the deaths of Harrison Wright and Adnan Salif with David Rosen's help, all while David is trying to make it through his Senate Committee hearing so that he can be appointed US Attorney General.

Eventually it's Abby who is able to get through to Mellie by reminding her that she has a job and that job is to serve the American people, the men and women who have also lost children primarily. She attends the State of the Union not knowing that it was Olivia Fitz turned to for help with his speech. The moment between them was a chaste one that spurned Olivia to make good on the booty calls Jake promised he wouldn't turn down.

Mellie collapses after the State of the Union address and Fitz comforts her. Cyrus learns more about Michael.


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Scandal Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Sorry to be such a bastard, Liv.


Cyrus: You could call a friend.
Olivia: Are we? Still friends?
Cyrus: I need a favor.