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Jake rests in Olivia's bed on Scandal Season 4 Episode 21. He has nightmares of being attacked by Russell but tells Olivia he slept great. When Jake asks if Russell is being taken care of, she says he's being handled. Across the hall, Quinn and Huck are torturing Russell for information. They have three hours to get his information. 

Susan Ross greets sailors who have returned home from a deployment. She finds bruises on a female sailor, Ensign Martin, and absconds with her to the White House where Cyrus and Fitz dress her down for interfering with the military judicial system. Fitz tells Ross to put the woman back. 

David worries that Rowan will decide to kill them all and asks Olivia for a heads up. While on the phone, Susan Ross enters OPA and asks Olivia for help. Huck and Quinn get a call from Command and try to track his location.

Mellie is three points down on the eve of the election. Lizzie suggests she return to Springfield, the site of Jerry's death, but Mellie is reluctant and scared.

Olivia meets with Ensign Martin and agrees to take the case. When Abby proves to be no help to Olivia and her case and client, Olivia decides to ruin the White House's day by calling a press conference and insinuating that the White House isn't doing anything about rape in the military. As it turns out they aren't. 

Huck removes the gag from Russell's mouth and realizes that Russell has a cyanide capsule in one of his molars. He and Olivia remove the poison just before Russell can commit suicide. Jake sees the blood on her sleeve; he knows that Russell is across the hall. After he tells her that he and Russell are the same because Rowan created them both, she opens up about her kidnapping and where she felt safe during her confinement.

Olivia and Quinn assist a green JAG during his questioning of Admiral Hawley, a decorated officer accused of raping Ensign Martin. Hawley accuses Olivia of being an enemy of the republic. At the office, Olivia and Quinn discuss how they can track Hawley's whereabouts on the night in question when Abby arrives asking to help with the case. Olivia leaves when she gets a phone call from Martin.

Jake makes his way across the hall to where Huck and Quinn have been torturing Russell . He offers Russell a beer and they bond over their experience with Rowan and Olivia. 

Lizzie gives Mellie a speech for Springfield and it's all about Jerry. Mellie doesn't want to capitalize on her personal tragedy, but without being able to comment on the rape, that's all she has. 

When the Pentagon denies a request for the Admiral's moves on the night of the rape, Olivia calls Fitz to complain about the injustice she's seeing play out in front of her. Fitz finds Mellie unable to sleep, thinking about Springfield. They think of what Jerry's life would be like if he hadn't died and he offers to cancel his day to go to Springfield with her. Together they plot about how to get justice for Ensign Martin and keep Mellie from having to discuss Jerry.

While Olivia and Quinn thank Martin for her service and bravery, Mellie gives a speech that rallies the people before Lizzie sweeps her off the stage to meet with a potential donor. Quinn learns that their JAG was not who he said he was and they arrive home to find Russell gone.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

No one is going to kill you, Russell. I know that sounds comforting but trust me, it's not. You don't get off so easily. You don't get to die.


[to Olivia] If you find out that Foxtail means, say 'assassinate David Rosen', I'd really appreciate a heads up.