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Olivia sits down to dinner with her father, Jake, and Jake's fiance' and grills them on their upcoming wedding plans. While she's there, Charlie and Quinn sneak into Vanessa's apartment to set up spy equipment. 

Ethan accidentally spills to Abby that Cyrus is running Vargas' campaign. Abby asks Quinn to find out what Cyrus has been up to but Quinn refuses to help. She's too busy running OPA in Quinn's absence. Marcus and Huck watch Javi's soccer game and get excited when he scores a goal. Then Huck sees Kim's new boyfriend and recognizes the man as someone he once tried to kill.

Mellie sits down with Hollis Doyle against Olivia's suggestion. 

Huck asks Charlie about Kim's boyfriend but Charlie doesn't recognize him. They wonder if he's someone they now call "Six-Toes." 

Hollis and Mellie discuss campaign financing. He wants her to pull the plug on the EPA and she won't agree to his demands. Liz wants Fitz to sit down with Hollis in order to court Susan Ross. Abby disagrees that it's a good idea and catches Cyrus suggesting it to be a good one. Fitz agrees to a meeting.

David gives Abby information about Cyrus' meetings with Vargas and then asks her for advice regarding his Susan-Liz problem, except covertly. 

Olivia watches Jake and Vanessa on the spy feed while she tries to calm Mellie about Hollis' meeting with Susan. Jake looks straight at a camera revealing that he knows she's watching. Olivia shuts off the television.

Jake shows up at Olivia's apartment with all of the cameras in a plastic box and finds her still photos on the coffee table. He leaves after insulting her and reiterating that he and Rowan have no master plan.

Abby confronts Cyrus about his interactions with Frankie Vargas. He rants and raves at her about accusing him of lying and she accuses him of lying again. He promises to make it right and promises her that his involvement in Vargas' campaign is over, begging her not to tell the President.

Charlie visits Quinn at work to tell her that Kim's boyfriend checks out, but Huck is already on the way to learning more about him.

Hollis meets with Fitz and Susan in the Oval to discuss campaigns. Fitz grows weary of hearing Hollis ramble and Susan agree with him and decides to shut down the meeting, so Hollis returns to Mellie for negotiations.

Abby turns to Olivia for advice about how to deal with Cyrus. She wants his job but doesn't know if she should take it. Olivia advises her not to let the power of the White House corrupt her. Quinn calls Olivia for help with Huck.

Mellie gets into political bed with Hollis Doyle.

While Olivia and Quinn argue on the side of the road, Huck returns with Sean.

Abby decides to tell Fitz that Cyrus is working for Frankie Vargas. She suggests Fitz destroy Cyrus instead of letting him go with grace. Fitz gives her the task of firing Cyrus.

Hollis decides to run for President and he uses Mellie's campaign plans to do it and twists it with racist overtones. Abby fires Cyrus. Olivia apologizes to Quinn for abandoning OPA and tells Jake she misses him. Vanessa shows up to their dinner and when she drops her phone, Olivia remembers the circumstances under which she met Jake herself.

Huck deletes his family from his computer. Olivia steps up her surveillance.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I got money. Republican money. And just like dating, I wanna spend it on the girl who's gonna put out for me. You gonna put out for me, Mellie Grant, or we just gonna rub our jeans together?


It's Cyrus. If he's breathing, he's lying.