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Susan introduced us to what was to come. A Q&A with all of the candidates and she was writing the questions. 

Olivia sent Quinn on the trail of Jake's new girlfriend, Vanessa, and she pretended to be a girl from her class. She managed to reel Vanessa in to her way of thinking and they even booked a meeting for later in the week to go over wedding stuff. 

Jake was on a date with Vanessa, but Olivia messaged him and told him to meet her in the toilet. He did and she grabbed his crotch to pleasure him, but he tried to resist. He stopped resisting and Olivia threatened him and told him to tell her father that she always wins, before leaving him there. 

David went to Abby to tell her that he's seeing two women and he's addicted. Abby told him to get out, but he continued to try and speak to her, but Abby sent him packing. 

Later, Susan appeared in Abby's office and questioned David's notepad being there and Abby let slip that he's with two women and doesn't know what he's doing. Abby then confided in Fitz and asked him about the mind of a cheater and he took it surprisingly well. He told her if she has the feeling he's cheating, then he probably is. Susan then dumps him. 

Cyrus had his hands full when the Governor's brother, Alex appeared on the scene and made it his mission to outshine Cyrus, so Cyrus sent a P.I in search of secrets about him. 

Olivia learnt that Edison was also in the running and congratulates him, but her pride turns to anguish when she scolds him for working with Jake. 

Mellie had a big setback when Liv sent her out to repair her ice queen image.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Mellie: How'd it go?
Olivia: Just wait.
Mellie: Why are you smiling?
Olivia: Just wait.

We want a red light indicating when time is up. A light and a buzzer.