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Fitz and Mellie are giving an interview about how the affair rumors are false and their marriage is strong just as Olivia is on TV saying she’s his mistress. Abby calls a false alarm and the Secret Service ushers the President and First Lady out of the interview but Noah, the interviewer soon learns of Olivia’s announcement and wants an exclusive or he airs the footage of the President and First Lady lying to America. 

Fitz refuses to continue to lie. He orders Mellie to go along with whatever he decides and he wants to move forward with Olivia. 

Olivia calls Jake and says she thinks she may have made a mistake. He offers to come pick her up now but she backtracks and goes back to Fitz. 

Abby is furious with Olivia for lying to her about her relationship with Fitz and not trusting her to be good enough at her job to help. 

Mellie calls Cyrus to help. She wants revenge. He convinces her to decide what she wants for her future instead. She tells him she wants the Oval. Cyrus gets her everything she asks for but she wants more. She wants to Fitz’s partner again. She wants him to help her become President. Cyrus manages to manipulate Fitz and Olivia. Olivia runs into Mellie who paints a picture of what she can expect being in the White House. She points out that Liv will lose her business and everything she’s worked for just to stand by Fitz’s side. 

Olivia tells Fitz that he needs to stand by Mellie until the end of his term. He eventually agrees. He goes to Mellie and apologizes. She accepts and they come up with a plan to do the interview. 

Olivia apologizes to Abby and tells her she thinks she’s great at her job. Abby says she learned from the best. 

Cyrus then goes to Fitz and begs for his former job back. All he wants is to serve at the pleasure of the President. Fitz looks at him with disdain, tells him there is no job there for him and dismisses him. Furious, Cyrus goes to Mellie and tells her she’s getting played by Fitz. 

On the way to the interview, Mellie backs out and leaves. She’s tired of standing by Fitz. As chaos breaks out, Olivia tells Fitz that Abby needs to go handle it but he doesn’t realize what that means. Abby goes to the briefing room full of reporters and paints Olivia as a woman who goes after powerful men so that the scandal will become focused on Liv and not the President. 

When everything else hits the news, Jake notices another news item that isn’t making the headlines. The Louvre is burning. Jake immediately heads to prison and meets with Rowan to tell him. Rowan says this is Lazarus One and comments that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. 

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Mellie, this is a very important moment. Don't waste it being human. Your answer will define your future. Think like a champion. Think like a warrior.


Oh look. It's the girl who can't shut her legs or her mouth.