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News of Fitz and Olivia's affair breaks on Sally's talk show. Olivia is speechless and Fitz tries to reassure her that things will be okay. Abby and Liz try to come up with a game plan and Fitz declares he and Olivia will make a statement together. Olivia sneaks out of the White House and instructs Fitz not to call her. She shows up at Quinn's apartment to hide.

Mellie joins Fitz in the Oval Office and asks for an apology. She'll cover up his affair and deny Sally's story if he apologizes for the divorce papers. He refuses and accuses her of leaking the photos to work her way back into the White House. 

The following day, Fitz still hasn't addressed the press and will not until Olivia is beside him. He will not let anyone speak to the press regarding the affair or the photos. He comes clean to the Vice President and tells David to find proof that Mellie leaked the photos. A media circus develops outside Olivia's office.

Jake brings Huck to the office to help Quinn work a case. Olivia is out of town working it, effectively dodging her own crisis.  Olivia tracks a murder suspect to a casino. He thinks she's a prostitute but she makes herself out to be a bounty hunter. Jake arrives to help her bring the kid home. The kid claims his step-mother killed his father to gain access to his money.

A reporter enters OPA while Quinn and Huck are there alone. Quinn stops Huck from attacking the man when he begins disparaging Olivia over her affair with the President. 

Cyrus watches the media frenzy from his house and calls Abby to offer up his advice. Jake tells Olivia she can't run forever. Quinn blows up at Huck when he has trouble focusing on the case.

Abby takes charge in the press room and Fitz doesn't like it. Neither does Liz. 

While Jake follows their captive to the bathroom, Olivia is recognized in a diner. Patrons begin taking pictures with and of her. Meanwhile, Quinn discovers the boy  she tracked was being cut out of his father's will.

Abby visits Cyrus where she deduces Liz North hates no one more than she hates Mellie. Susan calls Fitz out on his affair and he responds that he's a flawed man. 

Olivia turns to Jake for comfort and confides in him that she's scared.

While Fitz looks over the lawn, Abby confronts him about the fact that Olivia's with Jake, staying out of the storm, and that she won't be calling to tell him she's okay living in the media spotlight. He calls Mellie to apologize just as David calls to tell him the pictures were leaked from somewhere inside Mellie's private server. He also uncovered some salacious emails.

Abby blackmails Liz North into making her an equal in the White House. Quinn and Huck reconcile over a drink. Fitz leaves Olivia a voicemail telling her he understands why she doesn't want to be in the spotlight. While Fitz and Mellie are denying the rumors, Olivia is confirming them on her doorstep. 

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

[to Fitz] You placed Olivia in a dangerous position. You outed her. You thought by throwing me out of the White House and moving her in you'd be making this grand gesture. Finally she wouldn't be just a mistress anymore. But the minute she stepped foot through these doors, the minute she moved in here, she became what we all become when we live here and what is that? Yes, a statue. Inhuman. Discussed from every angle, viewed, exposed. She's not just a mistress now. She's America's mistress.


It's Liv. She's the best in the business. The President's about to get Poped.

Abby [to Liz]