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Cyrus is taken to prison, while Olivia and Mellie celebrate their success. Olivia has to tell Quinn and Charlie to stop looking in on them and making fun of the president. 

Abby storms to David's office and says that Cyrus is not to be tried for the death penalty. 

She meets with Liz and asks her to go tell Cyrus she is getting rid of the death penalty. Liz tells Cyrus, who does not seem excited. 

Cyrus then asked someone in the adjacent cell about getting a pen and paper. The man revealed he murdered and ate his mother and sister. 

He offers Cyrus a belt to kill himself. 

Huck takes Jenny's friend to a safe house, but she wonders what happened to Jenny and why the media is ignoring her. 

Huck questioned the gladiators, who were adamant Tom killed her. 

He then taught the girl how to defend herself in a bad situation. 

Angela told Fitz about Abby saying he took the death penalty off the table. He was not impressed and raced to confront her. 

Cyrus managed to manipulate Gerald into getting the notebook and pen by saying he would help him get rid of the people using him for contraband. 

Cyrus then gave Liz the letter for Tom. Cyrus was shocked when Michael appeared and told him he was leaving him. He then presented Cyrus with the letter and left him for good. 

Fitz addressed America, saying he would be pursuing the death penalty. Cyrus heard this on the radio and was allowed out for fresh air. 

However, he was attacked by a group of inmates. He then had a vision of his ordeal being over, with Tom revealing the truth and Cyrus becoming president. 

He woke up, bleeding out, before calling Olivia, who kind of believed him. She told him she would never speak to him again. 

Cyrus broke into Tom's cell with the killer. Tom revealed he did not kill Vargas and that he and Cyrus were innocent. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Huck: Who killed Jenny?
Charlie: Jenny? Who the hell's Jenny?

Liz: Abby says to tell you not to worry about the death penalty.
Cyrus: Great, well I'll just settle in for a lifetime of solitary confinement.
Liz: Sounds like a plan.