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Jake and Vanessa bicker about Olivia, but Vanessa says that in the future, Olivia will just be a footnote in his autobiography. 

We go 73 days into the past. Jake is preparing to go on The Liberty Report with Sally Langston, but Vanessa goes missing. 

Olivia cancels the interview and finds out Vanessa crashed her car and was possibly having sex with someone whilst riding her car. 

Jake met with Olivia who wailed at the thought of hurting everyone to get what she wanted. 

Vanessa grilled Jake for being so close with Olivia, but he filled up her glass of wine and left her to deliberate on her own. 

Vanessa says that Jake disappeared on the night of the election. It is revealed he went to see Rowan, who told him it was time to take what was his. 

The group figured out that Jake was the one who blew the cabin up with Jenny's body inside. 

They found a motel he was using as a lair and waited until he was on the news to investigate, but Huck and Quinn were shocked to find the room empty. 

Jake then presented Liv with a shocking document that seemed like she sent Tom Larsen a wire transfer to lie about killing Vargas for Cyrus. 

Jake then met with Olivia and kidnapped her and took her to meet with Jennifer, who was very much alive. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Jake: What the hell were you doing?
Vanessa: Oh, look who it is, get here as soon as you feel like it?

I'd listen to her, baby. You always do. Why change now?