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Jake suggests letting the villains get Mellie in the White House because it is a common goal, but Olivia vetoes the plan and starts to think about how different things could have been if the election was not rigged. 

Fitz did not get into the White House, and Olivia made a swift exit from his life. Sometime later, he tried to get get back, by proposing. The pair then had hot sex. 

The duo then got married in a lavish ceremony, while Mellie drowned her sorrows with Cyrus. It was later revealed the pair were married and Cyrus talked Mellie into running for presidency. 

She reeled James in to help her. 

The cracks started to show for Fitz and Olivia when Olivia refused to get a home, but got office space. The pair bicker and Olivia reveals she could have fixed the election. 

Fitz says she should have, but she says he would not have wanted it like that, before claiming he would have. 

Olivia gets ready to divorce Fitz, but Abby says that she never gave him a chance. 

Quinn goes on Fitz' show and tries to bed him, but he tells her to leave. 

Fitz returns home to apologize, while Olivia hands over papers showing off the house he liked. Olivia comes to her senses and agrees to the plan. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Since you're here, why don't you make yourself useful and help me make some calls?


Hollis: I'm proposing another vote. Yes, we rig this thing, or no.
Liv: No. We are not fixing the election. Yes, the race is tight, but we can do this. Fitz can do this.