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Olivia met with Quinn and immediately realized Quinn knew she killed Rashad and had his death covered up. 

Quinn was mad about it and said that Olivia has changed for the worse, but Olivia merely laughed and said it would all work out. 

When it came to Quinn's wedding day, she disappeared and the day descended into chaos. Olivia and Jake tried to pin the blame on Fenton to take the heat off of them. 

Charlie went nuclear and tried to murder Fenton, but Huck said that he was not the one responsible. 

Jake found footage of Quinn inside the elevator at QPA and came to the conclusion that she was kidnapped by villains. 

Mellie tried to keep the peace inside the White House, but she found herself going up against Jake when he said that he was not answering to her for anything. 

Abby and David continued to grow closer after Quinn went missing. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Abby: Maybe we should consider the possibility that this is what it looks like and she actually left.
Marcus: Grief does have a way of messing with people.

Cyrus: You don't have the security clearance.
Fenton: So, get me some. You're my sensei.