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Olivia got a summon from Rowan to meet him and he told his daughter that he was the one who had Quinn. 

He said he wanted his bones and his life back or he would kill her. This did not go down well with Olivia who said she would not listen to his demands. 

She stormed off and told Jake about the whole thing, but he was not impressed with the way Olivia reacted to all of it. 

He turned to Rowan and said Olivia is not the same person and that she would stop at nothing to get revenge on him. 

Charlie identified bodies and came up empty when it came to finding out what was happening. 

In the end, Olivia let her father "kill" Quinn and he asked her to go see the body with him. 

Curtis was kidnapped by Jake and his car was planted to make it look like he got drunk and did a runner. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

You don’t make decisions. You don’t think, you don’t make moves.


I want my bones!