Can Olivia Pope convince an American power couple to stand up and serve their country by attending the State of the Union address? Watch Scandal online now to find out!

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Mellie Grant's grief takes centerstage on Scandal when a photo of her visiting Jerry's grave is published in the tabloids. Fitz tries to convince her to attend the State of the Union address but she sees through his pleas. Her attendance is more about him than it is about her.

When an American hero couple refuses to attend the State of the Union address, Cyrus blackmails Olivia into helping the White House. She tries to refuse, but ultimately gives in to Cyrus' demands for help and flies to New Mexico to meet with the couple.

They are most dysfunctional. Perhaps as dysfunctional as Huck and Quinn. Cyrus is convinced Olivia Pope will be able to convinced them to stick to their agreement to appear at Fitz' speech so that he can secure passage of his anti-gun laws, but Abby isn't so sure.

Ultimately Cyrus is correct and Olivia is victorious, but not before Huck and Quinn allow the wife to stab her husband in the leg with a corkscrew.

Jake and Olivia try to clarify the terms of their romantic relationship, but that proves tricky.

How does it all end? You'll definitely want to watch Scandal online to find out!

Episode Details

Mellie's grief begins to draw attention toward the White House on Scandal and Cyrus recruits an American hero couple to Fitz's State of the Union address in order to make an impact on the viewing public.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (81 Votes)
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Scandal Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Sorry to be such a bastard, Liv.


Cyrus: You could call a friend.
Olivia: Are we? Still friends?
Cyrus: I need a favor.