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Walter's got a court date. It seems that he racked up a few charges whenever he drove himself off a cliff. His lawyer wants him to take a plea that blames his emotions, but Walter refuses.

Twenty years ago, Cabe saved a genocide victim, Sonja, from being put in an orphanage. Now, she returns to him to help get justice for her family and her people. She has a beat on a Serbian war criminal. He's in Cuba. The team goes in with the understanding that if anything goes wrong, the US government will deny any knowledge of their mission, and the team will be on their own. 

The team gets into Cuba, but things get off to a bad start. Their Cuban contacts die in a car explosion, so now it's up to them to find Zoric and get a blood sample. It doesn't help that they can't rely on technology for help.

Once the team captures Zoric, their next mission is to find the ledger that contains the locations of all the other Serbian war criminals. This takes some clever trickery to break into the bank without being seen, and then to also hack into Zoric's safety deposit box. A sausage comes in handy.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I was just driving fast. I was not emotional.


The city of LA did not rescue me. It was Cabe Gallo.