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When an CI dies in a prison, it's up to Sylvester to crack a code to stop the assassination of three federal judges. That's right - Sylvester is going undercover in a prison as a cold blooded killer.

It's going well. Sylvester finds the manual, but the legend, aka the thing that deciphers the code, is missing. Then, things get worse.

Someone poisoned the warden, so now the only person who knows that Sylvester is an undercover Homeland agent is dead. Oh, and Sylvester has a guy threatening to kill him at 10:02. Yup, things are not going well.

Don't worry, Toby has a plan! They are going to break Sylvester out by killing him. Well, almost killing him. Sylvester will take drugs that mimic death, but he'll still be alive and well. It's too bad the pills kicked in a lot quicker than Toby said they would, and Sylvester "dies" before he can grab the legend from the gang lord's wheelchair.

When Cabe and Walter come to the rescue, they have to go back into the prison to get the legend. Surprisingly, Team Scorpion manages to get the job done.

Meanwhile, Ralph figures out a way to handle a bully at his school. He applies (and gets into) quite a selection of colleges, and then he does a news interview. No one beats up a celebrity!

Sylvester finally tells Megan that he loves her, by doing a mating dance of a bird.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Happy: How long have you been here, doc?
Toby: Metaphysically? 33 years.

We're not buddies. I barely know you.