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El Niño has been wreaking havoc on California, and all the rain is taking it's toll. There's a crack in a dam. When one problem is solved, another pops up. Once the crack is fixed, the dam is unable to drain. Toby comes up with a theory. Let's give the dam a colonoscopy!

Surprisingly, it works, but Happy gets pulled under. Even though Toby is wary to trust Walter who has been mumbling to himself all day, Walter comes up with a plan to save Happy. 

Ready for the next problem? Two of the three turbines are now offline, so the dam is back to being unable to drain. Walter's latest crazy plan to save the dam and the town is build a tsunami bomb. Even crazier, they rest everything on Toby's arm throwing abilities. You heard me, Toby's arm throwing ability. 

Shockingly, Toby didn't mess up. The bomb works and the town, and Christmas, are saved!

Walter has been getting worse ever since Megan's death. He spends most of his time talking to himself and ignoring everyone else. Toby believes that it will only get better if Walter starts to cope with Megan's death. It takes Ferret Bueller going missing, but Walter does break down.

Walter decides to spread Megan's ashes by sending them up in the atmosphere on the rocket he was building for her.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

You do realize that you were just talking to yourself, right?


This El Niño is a real drag. It's supposed to be white Christmas, not wet Christmas.