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Brooke and Audrey bond at the party as Emma tries to find the Sheriff, but she gets a phone call warning her that he is running out of time. She realizes where he is and gets her mother, but another phone call changes all of that and they go to where Brandon gave her presents and find him alive, but when they try to cut him down, he dies because his guts fall out. 

Brooke realizes something isn't right when the party disappears and is shocked when Branson appears, but after locking herself in a freezer, she is left for dead. Emma, Kieran and Noah manage to save her, while Emma gets a call and she must go and confront the killer. 

The killer is revealed to be Piper, who is Emma's sister, but Emma starts fighting with her and Daisy gets involved, but just as she is about to kill Emma, Audrey appears, killing her. 

At the conclusion, it is revealed that Audrey is involved in it all, with Piper.

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Scream Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Brooke: Audrey, hey. Did not expect to see you here.
Audrey: That makes two of us. Nice mask, big plans later?

Emma: The killer called. He said that tonight's the finale.
Noah: Of course he did. A big ill advised Halloween dance.