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The school reels in the aftermath of Jake's body appearing in front of Brooke. 

Miguel puts the school on lockdown in order to interview everyone he needs to before they escape with potential evidence. 

Jake's cell appears in Emma's bag and she battles with what she should do with it. She tells Kieran and he promises to protect her. 

When he sneaks out of the library, he is caught by a police officer with a gun. 

He is forced to Miguel know about the cell phone and Emma is taken away. After being questioned, she is allowed back with her friends, but Hayley causes an argument and Emma tries to fight her. 

Emma is locked away, but the killer shows up to terrorize her, but Emma goes after them, making it clear she isn't scared. 

Noah notices that Audrey is acting sketchy and tells her, but she grabs Gustavo's tablet and shows everyone the pictures of students murdered. 

He is attacked and just when his father comes in, Emma appears with blood all over her. 

Emma blows Kieran off after telling on her to Miguel. 

Noah takes Audrey's cell phone and realized that she has been the accomplice all along. 

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Scream Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Noah: We all have our ways of coping.
Zoe: If you need to talk, go ahead.
Noah: Not if you’re uncomfortable.

Just cuff me, Sheriff. My dad was a cop. I know how this works.