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Emma's mother warns her to stay away from her father and not to let him in the house when she's away for the night. 

Emma plans a romantic night with Kieran as it's his birthday, but Eli makes it clear that he wants a party. 

Emma reluctantly agrees and the two of them plan it for him, but things take a turn when a bottle of tequila appears on the porch apparently from Jake. 

The group end up high on drugs and Emma imagines being attacked by the killer. Her father saves her in the nick of time, but everyone else thinks it was the drugs that caused it. 

Audrey goes after Gustavo when she gets a text in class after the murder weapon shows back up in her possession. 

His father then investigates him and finds the mask in his room, wondering how it could have got there.

Brooke is chosen to compete in a competition, but Jake's body falls from the ceiling and lands on the stage and she screams.

Brooke's father forces Miguel to investigate where Jake is in order to finally get his revenge on him. 

Daisy argues with Emma for letting Kevin back in the house.

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