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Miguel arrives at Emma's house to look at her computer. Emma says she didn't send them despite the fact that they were sent from her IP address. Miguel believes someone is stalking her. Emma tells him about the farm. 

Noah runs into Zoe at the coffee shop and agrees to a study session with her. 

Emma confronts Kieran on going to the sheriff without talking to her first. He says it was for her own good, but she feels betrayed. 

Brooke confesses to Audrey that she left Branson handcuffed to a bed. 

Eli defends Kieran to Emma. 

Noah catches Zoe in a lie about where she was in the fall. She admits she lied and tells him she was in therapy instead. 

Brooke and Audrey arrive at the hotel room and find Branson gone. There's no evidence of his murder. Brooke receives a text from "Branson" asking her to meet him. Audrey agrees to go with her. 

Ms. Lang apologizes to Emma for causing her panic attack. Emma tells her she needs some space. 

Eli asks Emma to dinner. Kieran walks in unnoticed and is clearly jealous. 

Ms. Lang recorded her conversation with Emma. She has several more tapes. 

Noah and Zoe's date goes well and he invites her over for dinner. 

Ms. Lang gets a call from the killer at the school. She runs into Branson, who is still alive, but the stabs him. He then throws Ms. Lang over the stairwell. 

Audrey and Brooke arrive at the school to find her still alive. 

Zoe snoops on Noah's computer and finds Audrey's confession. 

Audrey interrupts Noah and Zoe about to have sex. 

Eli takes Emma to an abandoned house. Branson's body is in a bathtub upstairs. 

Audrey and Noah realize the janitor interrupted whatever the killer had planned. 

The house Eli and Emma are in is on fire. They escape through the garage. Eli convinces her to leave and not tell anyone. 

Branson wakes up in the bathtub, surrounded by flames. 

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Scream Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Noah: I get that you're scared, but I understood. Emma will too, you just have to give her a chance.
Audrey: Emma's not you Noah.

Noah: First shut up, second, it's just a study session.
Audrey: Okay study session or study date? [Noah pauses] Oh my god Foster, learn to read a moment or you will be a virgin forever.