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When Elliot dislikes Dr. Kelso's demeaning nicknames for her, Dr. Cox tricks her into confronting him.  J.D. misses Turk's company when they get too busy to hang out.  Elliot and J.D. get close and nearly kiss.

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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

J.D.'s narration: In my experience, when two friends miss an opportunity like this, you've got exactly 48 hours to get the kiss. Oherwise, one of you will over-think it. Okay, she's gonna over-think it. Then you end up permanently stuck in the Friend Zone.
[J.D. tries to kiss Elliot]
Elliot: I'll see ya.
Sleeping Patient: You're such a girl.

J.D.: So, surgery went okay?
Turk: It was cool.
Turk: Dude, I got to close for the first time ever. Ever. The human body is so disgusting.
Turk [to the patient]: Not yours. Yours is stunning