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Ben (Brendan Fraser) starts his treatment for leukemia, but Dr. Cox has a hard time being supportive because of how much he cares.  Turk's ego becomes damaged after Dr. Wen puts him in his place.  Carla and Elliot take down Dr. Kelso in a personal review.  J.D. gets freaked out with the Janitor knows too much about him.

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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Dr. Cox: So, uh... you know, what's up?
Ben: You know, this and that. Hey, I met someone.
Dr. Cox: Really?
Ben: Yes. Well, she took a stool sample so I think she works here. Uh, redhead? Uh, tall?
Dr. Cox: Not on the staff, no.
Ben: No? Strange young lady

J.D.: What's wrong?
Janitor: I lost my mop.
J.D.: Really?
Janitor: No! That's what you think? I'm a Janitor, the only thing that would make me sad is losing my mop!