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The interns receive their first medical students under them.  J.D.'s student is a much like him when he stars, Elliot's is the jerk son of the owner of the hospital, and Turk's is a smart, confident woman Dr. Cox likes.

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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Turk: Dr. Cox, you are an attending, so you should know it's highly inappropriate for you to be sniffing around this woman all day! And you! You are a med student who should be learning from me, but every time I turn around, you're talking to him. So I'm telling you, I forbid you to get involved with that guy.
Kristen: Sorry, doctor.
Dr. Cox: You do realize that you just effectively signed your own death warrant.
Turk: Dude, do you, like, know any women at all?
[Cuts to Dr. Cox's apartment]
Kristen: Hi. I know we're not supposed to be seeing each other, but

Dr. Cox: You wanna know something?
Kristen: What?
Dr. Cox: I feel like I'm using you to get past another person.
Kristen: That's not as sexy as you think it is