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We find out that Sacred Heart has now become a medical school where J.D., Cox and Turk have become teachers.  Oh and that Elliot is totally pregggers and Denise has become a teaching assistant.  J.D.'s successor and the show's new narrator, Lucy meets some of her new classmates including Cole, who she sleeps with during a moment of weakness after med school (aka Cox) wore her down.  We also meet Drew, the oldest of the med school students who's doing this for a second time around, who ends up sleeping with Denise.  In the end Lucy gets a small victory by standing up to Cox.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Don't smell people, it's weird.

Denise [to Lucy]

Thank you so much for making mommies boobs so big, they're almost juggs.

J.D. [to Elliot's belly]