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Our new narrator, Lucy, decides she wants to help an alcoholic patient, Alan, get sober, while Cox wants to waste no time and just dismiss him.  Following J.D.'s advice, Lucy attempts to connect with Alan and decides rehab will work.  She tries to get the signature required from a doctor, and Cox agress if she raises the money.  After a successful car wash (thanks to the new security guys), Lucy sends him to rehab only for him to return drunk.  Cox does the standard I told you so and J.D. admits he was in on it the whole time.  It was a learning experience, but at least she had him there to help her.

Meanwhile, J.D., Turk and just about everyone know that Denise is sleeping with Drew and they convince her not to be her own island and to tell her feelings to him.  She does and he quickly turns down her offer to get a drink.  Turk talks to Drew and he asks her out for that drink and they go.

Oh and Kelso nearly bangs the obnxious Cole's mother.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucy: I've been hiding from my teacher, it's a little game we play.
Andy: Really?
Lucy: No, you can win at games.

J.D.: You're dangerous aren't you?
Drew: Yes I am.
J.D.: I bet you listen to rap music.