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This week Bravo Team is tasked with facilitating a prisoner exchange with the Taliban. They are to transport three Taliban prisoners to Afghanistan and swap them for an Army private Lucas Garner, who was captured after deserting his unit.

The team has mixed feelings about the exchange, as Sonny voices his disdain for Garner and worries that they are being set up for an ambush.

Meanwhile, Clay waits to find out which team selected him in the Green Team draft. Clay and Stella go apartment hunting, and she considers what life with a Navy SEAL might be like.

On the plane to Afghanistan, Jason and the team get their first look at the Taliban prisoners, and Jason convinces the highest ranking one that it is in their best interest that the exchange goes down peacefully.

It is revealed that Sonny's intense anger toward Garner comes from his friend being severely wounded as they searched for Garner, and having to retire as a result.

A long drive through Afghanistan follows, as Jason and Amir, the senior member of the Taliban detainees, get to know each other better. After a tense encounter with the Pakistani military, the team and prisoners arrive at the exchange point.

At the exchange spot it becomes clear that Bravo Team is surrounded and outnumbered. They start to fear that they may have been lured into a trap, but in the end the exchange is made without incident and the team returns home.

Back at the base, Jason finally makes his decision and drafts Clay to join Bravo Team. Sonny makes an emotional phone call to his friend, and Clay gives Stella a key to his apartment.

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