Tensions Rise - SEAL Team
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Thirty Mike is gone back to Charlie Team now that Jason has returned to Bravo. Soto and Jason aren't jibing. Ray is heading off for an SSA assignment in Jordan as warrant officer. Jason returns home to find his daughter has dropped by for a surprise visit. Davis is considering a lateral transfer to another unit so she and Sonny can be together but is worried about any professional fallout. Ray meets his contact Mina in Jordan. Jason finds out Emma is looking to transfer closer to home. They argue and Emma storms out. Clay cautions Davis about getting back together with Sonny. She tells him about her transfer plans. Mina had heard about Ray's capture and escape but he downplays it. They determine where the arms dealer's hideout. Jason informs Emma that he's not going backwards and that she should stay at NYU. Hannah surprises Sonny just as he's about to leave on a mission. She's pregnant. Bravo will be supporting Ray on his operation, so Ray will outrank Jason. Jason checks with Ray to make sure he's OK. Jason and Ray are soon arguing over mission planning, since Ray's current assignment needs to be run more covertly than Bravo usually operates. Jason asks Mina about how Ray is doing and she tells him that Ray requested to start his assignment two weeks early. The team finds three of the drones but two are missing. The charges won't blow remotely and Bravo is soon pinned down. The other two drones had been smuggled out earlier. Clay plans to talk to Sonny for Davis. Ray won't explain to Jason why he started the mission early. The drone buyer is the man who tortured Ray in Syria. Ray won't let Davis tell Bravo. Ray and Jason get into it again. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jamellah: Are you leaving me because you have to go or because you want to go?
Ray: Baby girl, you know that I would never willingly leave you.

Jason: Are you planning to spend your whole break checking up on me?
Emma: Yup.
Jason: A little privacy right now.