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Jason sits wondering about Bravo Team as the paperwork piles up on his desk. Ray is beng grilled by various officers and  therapists  assessing his readiness to return to duty. Sonny and Davis are secretly back together. Clay and Stella agree to continue as friends. Jason gives a tour to Lt. Wes Soto, who will be taking the promoted Blackburn's role. Ray and Jason drop by a Bravo meeting. Davis is worried that Soto will find out about her and Sonny. Lindell wants Davis to make a presentation at a conference. Bravo is headed to Ecuador and Soto is going with them. Jason wants to be with them. Jason and Ray practice at the shooting range. Sonny and Clay aren't sure what to make of Soto. Bravo's mission is to capture a terrorist leader. Jason takes a sick day since he's feeling antsy that Bravo has gone out without him. Natalie makes Jason an offer that he could train the next generation of SEALs in San Diego. Thirty Mike is commanding Bravo but Soto has gone into the field with them. Ray tries to convince Natalie to put in a good word with Lindell. She tells him she's accepted a job in San Diego and Jason would be going with her. Both Jason and Ray want to get back in the fight. Clay captures the leader they were seeking. Soto wants to give Sonny a bigger role. There's a going-away party for Blackburn and Jason. Sonny tells Davis he wants to be with her and she says one of them would have to leave Bravo. Ray's hands are shaking when he goes to turn out the lights. Clay tells Stella he still loves her and they kiss. Jason tells Lindell he wants to be Bravo One again. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

You look that far ahead, sir, you're going to lose sight of what matters.

Jason [to Soto]

Sonny: Thirty Mike is drunk at a jiggle joint and needs a lifeline.
Davis: The Brotherhood calls.