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Jason wants Clay and Sonny to solve their beef. Alpha Team has arrived to relieve Bravo. Boko Haram is receiving financial support from an unknown partner. Stella tells Clay about the problems in Ray and Naima's marriage. Hannah has had their daughter and Sonny thinks the best thing he can do is to provide financial support and stay out of their way. Whitshaw threatens Davis about using her rank to encourage women on board to report his sexual harassment. Bravo joins with Alpha to protect a crucial Nigerian pipeline from Boko Haram. Jason checks to make sure Clay and Sonny's heads are on straight before the mission. Davis decides to pull her application for a new job in order to pursue Whitshaw. A unit of Boko soldiers get by the Nigerians and engage Bravo. Full Metal gets badly injured by an RPG in the firefight. Jason calls for a medical evac. Jason assigns Clay to keep Metal alive. Jason carries Metal to the landing zone. The Boko convoy arrives. Bravo opens fire and destroys two trucks, with one escaping. Clay and Metal leave by chopper while under fire. A medic takes over for the killed gunner and Jason has to jump on the returning chopper. He puts Ray in charge of Bravo. Clay and Jason have to perform battlefield surgery on Metal. Ray freezes when Brock is under attack and Sonny has to kill the enemy soldier. The chopper is under attack and Jason starts to fall out during evasive maneuvers, with Clay grabbing him. Metal wakes up and tries to move. Another convoy is headed toward Bravo's position. Metal's leg is also broken. He makes it to the ship alive. Alpha is sent to join Bravo. They split into two units. The two SEAL squads are outnumbered 3 to 1. 


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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Soto: Take the win, Master Chief.
Jason: There is no win to take here! We've struck out on all fronts.

No work and no play makes Sonny a dull boy.