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Bravo is being fired upon with mortars by Russian contractors. Jason, Clay, and Soto return to help their teammates under fire. Blackburn requests air support for Bravo. Jason and Clay sneak up behind the Russians but lose the element of surprise. Soto takes out one gunner and Jason the other. They take over the truck-mounted gun and drive to join their teammates. Gunfire from the chopper clears out the opposition and Bravo is extracted. When they return to the ship, Davis tells them Full Metal died from his injuries. Metal requested a burial at sea. Jason reads the letter Metal left. Mina and Davis talk about Whitshaw. Five more women come forward to file complaints against Whitshaw. Soto has come to appreciate Jason's methods of command. Jason talks with Sonny about parenting and with Clay about having a life outside of Bravo. Clay proposes to Stella and she accepts. Jason confronts Ray about his freezing up on the battlefield and about him getting help. Ray says Jason is in no position to lecture him. Clay and Stella get married. Sonny goes home to see his and Hannah's baby daughter. Jason keeps a list of all his fallen teammates on his phone. Jason and Ray talk to a therapist so they can work through their issues. Ray admits that he's not getting better and that he has PTS and needs help. Davis buys Sonny a drink as he shows her baby pictures. Sonny is considering finding a posting in Texas and leaving the SEALs and invites her along. Jason invites Emma to join him for tacos before their family road trip. Ray chases down Naima and tells her what he went through while a prisoner. They embrace and reunite. Jason tells the bar stories about Full Metal. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

[Full Metal] gave his life for ours.


I'm going to kit up. You need all the guns you can get.

Soto [to Jason]