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It's two months after Jason has stopped being Bravo One. Bravo Team goes on a training operation. Thirty Mike is the new Bravo One. Things go badly again. Clay has been exiled to doing paperwork by Lindell after claiming responsibility for the Marsden letter. Ray returns from Warrant Officer school. Blackburn tells the team that Lindell has judged them unfit to operate. Ray heads home to the family. Natalie and Cerberus are living with Jason. Davis is getting promoted. The team has a welcome-home party for Ray. Sonny blames Thirty Mike for Bravo's troubles. Ray, Sonny, and Clay talk about supporting Jason's decision. Ray and Clay discuss Clay's taking the hit for the letter Ray wrote. Sonny and Davis are connecting again. Jason shows up for the party. Sonny learns that Ray wrote the letter. Thirty tells the team that Ray is back as Bravo One. Jason is left alone at the bar. Bravo's training mission gets scrubbed as Lindell calls in Ray. He's being sent on a special mission with CIA Agent Olivia Green. Sonny pushes Clay to make up with Lindell so that he can get back on Bravo. Emma urges Jason to take the next step with Natalie. Lindell won't send Clay back to Bravo. Natalie rebuffs Jason when he asks her to go to lunch. Jason blames himself for Bravo's state. Sonny blames Ray for Clay's demotion and Jason for leaving Bravo. Sonny screws up the training operation by being caught with live rounds. Jason tells Lindell he can make Bravo right again. Lindell informs him he needs to make the transition to his new role and stop worrying about Bravo. Davis and Sonny's weekend away gets scrubbed. Jason asks Natalie to stay with him. Ray and Olivia are inside a building which gets bombed.

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Clay: How did Bravo do?
Jason: They crapped the bed again.

Bravo's in my rear view.

Jason [to Lindell]