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After the death of Edo, the Trivantians are having a rough time, especially in war. Wren has risen to Commander and has been leading them with unsatisfactory results.

A Trivantian scientist has discovered bombs, which are the biggest threat to blind people.

In Payan, Sibeth has given birth to Kofun’s son. Kofun is being cold toward the child for his own reasons. In Payan still, anti-sight hate is at an all-time high with daylight burning being done.

Maghra has inherited her birthright and taken over the leadership of Payan from Sibeth. Elsewhere, Sibeth’s blood is being called for and Maghra is having a hard time keeping Sibeth’s enemies off her.

Wren is trying to integrate into society but the hate that fuels people is appalling to her. She witnesses a man being burned alive and the mob also tries to attack her.

Baba Voss has retreated into the forest as a guest to Ranger and Lu. Lu is not happy that the guest has overstayed his welcome. Baba Voss blames himself for his brother’s death and for the misfortunes that have befallen his loved ones.

The scientist has come to avenge Edo -- his friend -- which results in Bow Lion being blown up by a bomb.

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Would either of you like to feed the baby? No? Well, then you're of no use to me right now.


Birth Aid: Try to be calm
Sibeth: You be calm... I'm being torn open from the inside out.