See Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Heavy Hangs the Head

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Welcome back!

As far as season premieres go, this was a great one. Right off, from the first frame, we jump into the unique action of See.

See Season 3 Episode 1 takes place two hundred and fifty-six days after the events of the See Season 2 finale. On "Heavy Hangs the Head," we see how everyone is faring, what kind of headspace they are in, and how they react to the events happening around them.

Baba Voss 2 Landscape

The big bad of this season is introduced through Wren. After Baba defeats Edo, Wren is like the do facto leader, having climbed ranks to become Commander Wren.

Edo was a great authority figure for the Trivantians and the soldiers who fell under his command.

Trivantians are not faring on well after Edo dies. This battle that they lose is just but one of the three they have lost in as many days.

Wren - See Season 3

Initially, when I heard that a Trivantian scientist had developed a new weapon, I thought it would be something exotic -- something out of this world.

However, it turns out that it is the good ol' bomb. This new development is some full circle moment.

The reason humanity found itself in this situation in the first place boiled down to the availability of sight. In the five centuries or so that sight has been absent -- mostly -- the earth has rejuvenated. Trees have grown, rivers have become clean, and there is general harmony between people and nature.

Birth Aid: Try to be calm
Sibeth: You be calm... I'm being torn open from the inside out.

I get where the witch hunters are coming from. Sight has returned a whole of two seconds ago, and look how they have started using it -- creating bombs. They are returning to life as it was in the past. While burning people is not the way to go, I agree there must be a check on this.

Otherwise, past events will happen again; humans might not be so lucky this time.

Maghra - See Season 3

Oh, the insane, genocidal, and power-hungry Queen Sibeth. Even with all these awful traits, she still manages to be funny, even during painful childbirth. For Queen Sibeth, this child is her savior. She is still living on borrowed time because of this child. And if he is to have sight, she will be complete in her mind.

On the other hand, Kofun is not very stoked about this. In my opinion, despite that it is pretty throwing that the mother of his child is his aunt, making the child both his son and cousin, he hasn't gotten over how this child came into existence. And he may as well never get over it.

It will always remind him of Queen Sibeth and how potentially cruel the child can be.

One thing that always irked me about Kofun is how childish and overly emotional he can be. This is not to say that being emotional is a bad trait, but when it becomes a liability, it is useless -- dangerous even.

In line with his persona, it is entirely plausible that he feels violated all these days after. In the moment, victims of sexual assault -- especially from relatives -- focus on wishing for a speedy end to the ordeal. The hardest part comes after.

Kofun - See Season 3

It is also Kofun only who makes his feelings about Baba Voss' departure known. Even with Lord Harlan's story, it might take Kofun a while to warm up to the baby. If he ever will.

Haniwa has joined society, trying to live her life as fully as possible. From early on, it has always seemed unfair to her that sighted people are treated differently. The fullness of this cruelty becomes very apparent to her when a man is burned alive.

Despite passing legislation declaring sighted people no longer a threat to society, society is yet to catch up.

Would either of you like to feed the baby? No? Well, then you're of no use to me right now.


People don't just abandon feelings and sentiments that they have had for centuries on end. Sometimes even the marginalized -- by no fault of their own -- wish they could be like everyone else, even at the cost of what makes them unique.

Baba Voss' retreat is genuinely heartbreaking. He is the whole soul of the characters in this series.

Baba Voss Potrait

He thinks he is the cause of all misfortune that befalls everyone close to him. If he only had an idea of just how missed he is.

Foremost, we know Kofun is not thrilled that he left them. Maghra also feels lost without him. He would be a great partner to rely on, especially now that she is queen. She realized that being a ruler was not going to be easy. Now, she has to trust her judgment without any external input.

Harlan: You have had a child with a deranged, murderous woman.
Kofun: Oh, fuck, Harlan.
Harlan: You know it. She's insane

Haniwa is preoccupied with fighting for the sighted that she hasn't had the time to explore her feelings about his departure, but considering how close they were, it is safe to assume that even she misses him.

His feelings about his presence in their lives notwithstanding, Baba has also had his fair share of loss. It started with his father and, more recently, his brother.

Haniwa - See Season 3

He feels the only way to protect those he loves is to leave them behind, but he might also be running from the pain and hurt he has suffered.

Lu: Ranger, you said you were bringing meat.
Baba Voss: He wanted fish.
Ranger: Yeah, it's better for your brain.
Lu: The herbs you smoke have taken what is left of your brain.
Ranger: Only the bad parts.

His coming face to face with the new Trivantian weapon will be his wake-up call. He will realize that even without his presence, his loved ones are still in danger.

Greed has shown its ugly face again. The Trivantians have a new weapon and thus are technically unstoppable.

His absence is a great disservice to his family and friends.

Baba Voss  Potrait

This episode brought back all the feelings that See makes me feel. What did you make of it? Let us know in the comments.

See airs Fridays on Apple TV+.

Heavy Hangs the Head Review

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See Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Would either of you like to feed the baby? No? Well, then you're of no use to me right now.


Birth Aid: Try to be calm
Sibeth: You be calm... I'm being torn open from the inside out.