Kofun and Baba Voss - See Season 3 Episode 6
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Maghra convenes her council only to find that they have all been murdered by witch finders. She sets herself on killing any one of them that she finds.

The party that headed to Pennsa comprising of Baba Voss, Haniwa, Kofun, Harlan, Wren, Gunther, and Ranger decide on taking a shortcut to save time to get to Pennsa. The route they take is unsafe as they are waylaid by a cannibalistic community.

A fight ensues which sees Gunther taken by the cannibals. Wren is also taken but she is saved by Haniwa who ends up being the victim together with Harlan.

As they proceed to Pennsa, the Trivantians are intercepted by Sibeth and her army of witchfinders. The scientist -- Tromada -- is taken prisoner and his bombs fall under Sibeth.

Back in Pennsa, Maghra and Tamacti Jun start to look for the missing witch finders. Their search lead them to their hide out and this is where Maghra learns that Sibeth has taken an army and made herself queen.

Kofun is dispatched ahead to warn Pennsa of the looming attack while Baba, Wren, and Ranger try to find and rescue Harlan, Haniwa, and Gunther.

In the cannibals' den, Gunther doesn't make it. Harlan and Haniwa try to free themselves which results in battle. Baba finds the cannibals' hideout just as Harlan and Haniwa escape. Harlan dies as a result of wounds sustained during the battle.

Sibeth and Tromada join -- in marriage -- and they set up their weapons to attack Pennsa. Lucien, he who rose to head witch finder, is killed by Sibeth.

While on the way to Pennsa, Kofun is attacked.

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See Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Maghra: You said the council had already assembled?
Tamacti Jun: It has.
Maghra: Then why don't I hear them?

I never had to fight for my crown. I was born into the monarchy. A queen ordained by god. I wore the crown, but it always felt a little … light -- to me. But now, the crown will be forged in the burning flames of war. And I will be a queen reborn. Anointed by the blood of my enemies.