Kofun Holding Wolffe - See Season 3 Episode 3
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Maghra and those close to her realize that Sibeth has escaped, so it's all hands on deck to find her. Tamacti Jun heads this search.

To ease the tensions that may be developing between Paya and the Trivantian ambassador, Maghra results in whoring out Harlan to the ambassador. Even Tamacti is amazed by how effective this is.

In the meantime, Baba is still trying to come to terms with Paris' death while in jail. Haniwa and Maghra visit him. During the visit, Baba advises Maghra about Sibeth and not to trust the Trivantians. Their interaction is loud, which ends with Baba breaking out of jail.

Baba leaves jail but not without promising to talk to Kofun. Maghra expresses discontent with the ever-piling number of problems she has to solve.

After Tamacti's departure, there's a power vacuum in the witch hunter's troop. Someone rises to fill it. His message is death to all sighted people. Kofun and Baba meet after he saves Kofun from an attack by witch hunters.

Maghra's role as queen and mother comes into conflict. Tamacti expresses displeasure with her choice of dealing with the rogue faction.

Back in Trivante, the leadership is considering declaring real war with Paya. Wren and Haniwa reunite.

Charlotte expresses her inner desires. Wren corroborates Baba's story. Baba talks with Kofun, dispelling his fears about fatherhood. Wren is consoled by Haniwa when she starts missing Edo and home.

It turns out that Kofun, with the help of Harmony, helped Sibeth hide for the sake of Wolffe.

Maghra shows real strength by making two judgments about the rogue witch hunters.

Sibeth makes her final play for freedom. By taking Wolffe, hostage. Sibeth learns that Wolffe is blind, so she dumps him for release. Harmony dies.

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Tamacti Jun: Must be one hell of a cock.
Maghra: Oh, I wouldn't know.

Chet chet.

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