The Promotion - Selfie
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Henry and Eliza are both invited to their boss's ranch. Henry reveals to Eliza that this is the boss's way vetting upper level executives for promotion. 

Henry and Eliza show up to Sam Saperstein's estate and discover that Eliza is, in fact, Henry's plus one. 

While Henry is boring everyone at the breakfast table, Eliza sleeps in. When Eliza shows up at the breakfast table everyone is delighted to see her, she even manages to convince everyone to go sit by the pool. 

The group then decides to go on a hike and an activity called "Oprah Watching". 

While on the hike, Eliza tells Henry that he needs to do something fun this weekend. Henry ends up jumping into the lake, which turns out to be a huge disaster. 

After the lake fiasco, Henry gets mad at Eliza and tells her that everything that happened this weekend was her fault. 

Henry shows up to dinner with his boss looking flustered, However, his boss comments that he likes Henry better this way because he is relaxed and not his usual uptight self. Henry realizes that Eliza is not the person who ruined his weekend, that she was actually helping him all weekend. 

Henry goes outside and finds Eliza and tells her that he is sorry. The two almost have a moment, but it is interrupted by their phones going off. 

At the end of the episode Eliza is seen with Freddy, but is looking longinly at her phone. 







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Selfie Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ill strap on the speedo and we will meet at the pool.


The next morning I slept in, while Henry bored the crap out of everyone over scones.