Is That Leanne? - Servant
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Dorothy continues to try to track Leanne and the cult and Julian offers them their best lead yet.

Sean heads out to check it out but can't get in, so they come up with an Italian Pizza delivery idea, and the house orders 20 pizzas.

Tobe is sent in and he comes into contact with Leanne. He leaves and another order for a pizza comes through at the house.

Dorothy makes it and Tobe arrives at the house and quizzes Leaane about what she did.

Leanne passes out and Dorothy goes on the phone and threatens to call the cops if Tobe doesn't kidnap her.

Julian and Sean are shocked at her actions, but play along with it.

In flashbacks, we learn that Dorothy did everything she could to stay off her feet for the month before the baby is born.

However, she is drawn out of her room by the smoke alarm and almost hurts the baby.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I'll call the cops and tell them you have a drugged girl there.

Julian: Was this wine corked?
Sean: Yes. Go get another bottle if you want it.