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If it wasn't already clear before, Servant Season 2 Episode 3 reiterated my concerns about the future of the series.

The series has traded in the horror and the suspense for developments that feel ripped straight from soap operas, and I'm unsure whether the series can reignite that spark that made it such a delight in its first season.

The Turners opening a fake pizza delivery company to get penetrate the walls of what can only be described as Fort Knox was absurd, but at least it moved the plot along.

Is That Leanne? - Servant

The closest thing to tension we had was the Turners watching Tobe making his way through the house, and it was moderately effective in that it made me question whether he was going to escape with his life.

Leanne is analytical and pays attention to everyone, so it's hard for me to believe she didn't see the camera phone attached to Tobe staring right at her while he was asking her the questions the Turners wanted answers to.

Leanne did look frightened during the chat, but maybe that was because she knew there was a good chance the jig would be up if Tobe alerted the Turners to where she's been hiding out.

Dorothy at Work - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

I can somewhat believe the family she's living with not watching the news. There are lots of children, and one of the parents is seemingly dying, so they are probably thankful to have Leanne working for them.

That being said, we know May Markham has been known for her healing properties, so is Leanne there to assess whether the mother is deserving of their help?

There is so much mythology left to explore, but Servant Season 2 is giving us the goods we were promised at such a slow pace that it's difficult to care much about it.

While Dorothy lacing the pizza with drugs to knock Leeanne out resulted in quite the surprise, it also felt too soapy to take seriously.

Sean is Stunned - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

20 pizzas were a part of that initial order, meaning that there are probably many more people living in that house than we got to see during Tobe's first visit.

I know many of them were younger, but surely they will all start to question where Leanne has gone, and I don't doubt for one minute that someone will have been able to tell that the pizza delivery boy took her.

Dorothy made a big hoo-ha about Leanne's disappearance on Servant Season 2 Episode 2 by broadcasting it to the world. The moment the family investigates what happened to her, the pizza menu will pop up, and the Turners will be investigated swiftly.

I know Dorothy is going through it, but the way she treated Tobe was abhorrent. She, Julian, and Sean put him in a potentially deadly situation. Had the cult been living in the house, he could have been killed or tortured.

Finding Roscoe - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

Dorothy picking up the phone and threatening to call the cops on Tobe if he didn't bring Leanne back to the brownstone made me despise her character. She's struggling, that much I'm sure of, but why did she feel the need to treat Tobe in such a manner?

When Sean asked her what to do earlier in the episode when he was outside, she ordered him to come home, suggesting that she actually cared about Sean more than putting him in harm's way to get answers.

It's clear she sees Tobe as expendable, and that further highlights the flaws in the character for thinking that.

I appreciated the flashbacks to the month leading up to her pregnancy because the flashbacks are actually filling in a lot of the questions I need answering, but Dorothy is starting to get on my nerves.

Helping Dorothy - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

She's desperate to find Jericho. I can sympathize with that, but she's breaking every law possible to make it happen, and I'm starting to get the feeling that she will be the biggest villain by the end of the series.

Unless Leanne is returned to her new family by the time it gets light outside, the family is going to question her disappearance, and that will undoubtedly lead to the police knocking on the door of the Turners,

What hit me the most was the way Julian and Sean went to the house without a second thought. Dorothy knows first-hand how cunning and unpredictable May's cult is, so you would think two or more of them would be out in the open at a time.

I don't know what to make of Julian tripping and dropping the bottle of wine. Could this be foreshadowing his death, or was it something else entirely?

Questioning What to Do - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

Servant Season 2 appears to be the season of exposition and silly decisions, so we can only hope we get some movement in a direction that feels consistent with Servant Season 1.

What did you think of Leanne's return? Do you feel like the Turners went too far with their plan?

What are your thoughts on Tobe being used to get the answers?

Hit the comments.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I'll call the cops and tell them you have a drugged girl there.

Julian: Was this wine corked?
Sean: Yes. Go get another bottle if you want it.