After the party - Severance Season 1 Episode 7
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Rugabe leads Mark down into the depths of the college, where she has a lab set up. She asks Mark why he didn't throw away Petey's phone. He asks who she is. She says she helped Petey with his procedure -- Mark counters that she killed him.

Rugabe insists that Petey wouldn't have died if he'd followed her instructions. Rugabe says she's the one who inserted the chip in Mark's head and the only one who can deactivate it.

Mark says he might not want to have it deactivated. She asks him about what his Innie wants, saying he doesn't have any idea.Rugabe says she suspects both he and his Innie want to do what is right.

Mr. Graner shows up, greeting Mark. He asks if Mark is having a conversation with someone. He introduces himself as a friend from work. Rugabe sneaks up behind Graner and beats him to death with a baseball bat.

Rugabe tells Mark it's Doug Graner, head of security on the severed floor, and gets Mark to help her drag him down the hall. Mark needs to throw up, but Rugabe tells him to hold it in, as his DNA is in it. She pulls out Graner's access key card and hands it to Mark, telling him to take it to work tomorrow -- his Innie will know what to do.

Rugabe asks Mark to give her Petey's phone and tells him to go home and get rid of his clothes. She tells him she'll be in touch and yells at him to leave.

Mark gets outside and vomits, then runs.

Mark gets home, takes off all his clothes, and puts them in a garbage bag. Alexa comes downstairs and asks where he's been, saying she heard the car. He suggests maybe it was a dream. She says she has been up for an hour.

Mark apologizes, saying he needed to drive a little. Alexa asks if he's okay. Mark explains that this is a big deal for him. Alexa asks if she should go, and Mark tells her, "maybe."

Alone in the morning, Mark gets ready for work, pocketing Graner's key card. It's snowing. He dumps his bag of clothes in the garbage. Mrs. Selvig comes out, notes that Mark looks troubled, and offers to have a chat later.

Milchick checks the new sliding doors at the Macrodata Department. He finds the card Dylan hid under the toilet in the bathroom.

Milchick checks on Burt and drops off the missing card. Milchick says they can now focus on the final preparations. Milchick looks at Burt's work and deems it outstanding. He says Burt deserves something special. Burt hopes it is not another trip to the breakroom -- yesterday was enough. Milchick assures him it is something more than that.

Milchick welcomes Dylan to work. Dylan is confused as to what "just happened." Milchick explains that it is called the "Overtime Contingency," which is for emergency use only. Dylan says they never told him they could do that.

Dylan asks if the boy was his son. Milchick advises Dylan to forget about it and not tell his colleagues about it. Dylan wants to know his son's name, but Milchick tells him it would be best to forget it.

Outie Mark prepares to head downstairs, contemplates the keycard, and puts it in his pocket.

Milchick greets Innie Mark at the elevator and escorts him to his desk. Mark is surprised to see that the Macrodata department is now locked in. Mark greets Helly, Dylan, and Irving. Milchick gets Mark a coffee. Mark checks in with his team, and Milchick leaves. As Milchick exits, he calls Ms. Cobel, leaving a message to tell her Graner didn't come in and asking where she is.

Ms. Cobel (as Mrs. Selvig) gives Devon some nursing tips, and Devon succeeds and getting Eleanor to latch.

Ms. Selvig shares a funny story about pumping breastmilk, and Devon laughs. Devon asks her if she has anywhere to be, but Mrs. Selvig remarks that she is having fun -- they can manage without her.

Devon mentions the rich woman, Gabby, that she met at the birthing retreat and how Gabby didn't remember her when they ran into each other again. Devon wonders if severance can be done outside of Lumon, say for labor.

Mrs. Selvig laughs it off, asking about Mark instead and why he could have decided to sever. Devon talks about how it was after his wife died. Mrs. Selvig mentions that she thought she saw her husband everywhere after he died and asks Devon if Mark ever thinks he sees his wife.

Dylan works on the numbers.

Irving asks Mark about the lack of soap labels in the bathroom and wonders about O&D. Mark tells Irving he understands he's worried about Burt, but Irving can't go there.

Irving worries that Burt may be being disciplined. Dylan coldly remarks that he warned Irving from the get-go. The rest of the team members are surprised by Dylan's attitude.

Milchick enters with a record player and asks Helly to step forward. He informs her that because she got to 75% on Sienna, she has earned a 5-minute Music Dance Experience. She is allowed to choose one genre and one accessory. Helly selects a maraca and Defiant Jazz.

Mark and Irving dance along with Helly and Milchick as the music plays, and Milchick gives the lights a disco feel. Mark notices the keycard in his pocket. Dylan keeps working. Milchick dances behind Dylan.

Finally, Dylan snaps and attacks Milchick, screaming at him, "What is his name?!" and biting Milchick's arm. Helly switches the lights back to normal while Irving and Mark pull Dylan off Milchick.

Milchick, bleeding, says he will report Dylan to Ms. Cobel. Dylan defiantly asks if he'd like to go together. Milchick leaves.

Mark asks Dylan what is the matter with him, and Dylan explains that they can be woken up on the outside -- he woke up in his house with Milchick and saw his own son.

The team retreats to the storage closet, and Dylan continues his story. He says his son hugged him, Milchick pulled him off, and then it was over. Dylan believes it is unfair he will never get to see his son again.

Irving says it is not his son, but Dylan insists that he is. Helly realizes that if the higher-ups can wake them on the outside, they should be able to do it to themselves, too. Irving insists that they are Innies, and the controls are probably somewhere inaccessible.

Mark pulls out the keycard to the security office, telling them it was in his pocket when he arrived. Helly wonders why Mark's Outie would have the keycard of their head of security.

Helly suggests a field trip to the security office. Mark agrees though Dylan and Irving are afraid. Dylan stays behind.

Mark, Irving, and Helly leave, using the keycard to escape their office. Irving runs off to find Burt in O&D. Helly and Mark head to the security office and use the keycard to enter. It's devoid of people. They see the screens with surveillance feeds. They find a machine tracking the names of all the severed people. Helly finds a manual.

Mark notices Cobel descending in the elevator. Helly removes the page that bears the Overtime Contingency information.

Ms. Cobel arrives and runs into Natalie, who has the board "with her." Natalie tells Ms. Cobel that Graner is dead. Natalie asks if Ms. Cobel knew he was missing and if she's spoken to the police.

Ms. Cobel deduces that the person who killed Mr. Graner is probably the same person who killed Petey. Natalie starts to remind her that reintegration isn't possible, but Ms. Cobel insists it is, and she has proof.

Ms. Cobel speaks into Natalie's headset, telling the board she'd be happy to discuss it with them. Natalie tells Ms. Cobel that the board agrees and will meet with her at the Eagan family gala next week to discuss it further.

Irving arrives at Optics and Design. It's a melon party.

Mark, Helly, and Dylan convene in the storage closet. Helly reviews the info on the page she stole from the manual, saying the process is relatively simple.

Mark realizes one of them will have to stay behind. Dylan offers, as he has already been out. Helly says it looks like a two-person operation. Dylan insists he can do it.

It's Burt's retirement party. Milchick orders everyone to circle around and pulls a TV and VCR to the center of the room. It's a special message from Burt's Outie. Irving watches from the door.

The video of Burt's Outie expresses how he always felt tired but fulfilled after a day's work and assumes he must have enjoyed working there, though he has no idea what he did or who any of his co-workers are. He offers his congratulations and thanks to his Innie.

The O&D team applauds. Irving asks if they are just going to stand there and let him die. Irving asks Milchick if they are being punished for their defiance. Milchick says that Burt's Outie is simply retiring.

Irving lashes out at Milchick, saying he isn't severed, so he can't know what it's like. Milchick orders him back to MDR, but Burt gently asks if Irving can stay. Milchick allows it if Irving remains respectful.

Milchick puts on Burt's song selection for his retirement -- Paul Anka's "Time Of Your Life." Everyone shakes Burt's hand for a final farewell. Irving is last.

Milchick leads the broken-hearted Irving through the hallway back to the Macrodata Department and sends him in.

Mark, Helly, and Dylan greet him. Irving expresses his desire to burn the place to the ground.

Outie Mark drinks whisky alone at home. He scrolls through the news on his phone, lingering on a piece about the college.

A knock at the door. Mark answers -- it's Alexa. She accidentally left her phone the night before and has come to pick it up. Mark is friendly, and Alexa is wary. He gives her his phone. She tries to leave, saying she doesn't think he's ready for anything.

Mark finds a picture of Gemma and rips it up, trying to prove he's over her. Alexa looks sad, and she leaves.

Mark follows Alexa out, talking about Gemma, as Alexa drives away.

Mark retreats into his house and tapes up the photo while thinking about all the wonderful things he loved about Gemma. The woman in the picture is Ms. Casey.


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Severance Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You brought him into this world without his permission, based on your own desire for emotional convenience.


I am certain you will remain with me in spirit, in some deep and yet completely unaccessible corner of my mind.

Burt (Outie)