Double Date - Sex Education
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Ruby and Otis try to make sense of their relationship.

After some back and forth, Ruby allows Otis to go to her house and he learns that her father has a disability.

Otis spends the whole day there and things get a bit out of hand when Jeffrey arrrives.

Otis leaves and Ruby says she loves him, but Otis can't seem to comprehend it.

He doesn't say it back and she's left in tears.

Isaac tries to get Erin to wait for Maeve because she needs her passport.

Erin gets closer to Maeve and they confront the issues in their mother-daughter relationship.

Maeve forgives Isaac and they get closer.

Hope tells the students they will wear the right clothes.

She is not impressed with Maeve but tells her she will help her get the funding for her class.

Amy visits Jean and Jean says she will never get over her assault, but there will come a point she'll be able to heal from it.

Jean and Jakob argue over baby names as Otis and Ola argue over records.

A double date leaves Adam more confused than ever. Adam says that he doesn't think they can be in a relationship in public yet.

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Girl #1: What's Adam Groff doing back here?
Girl #2: I heard his mom bribed the school to let him back in.
Girl #3: And he's gay now, right?

Otis: Why aren't we friends anymore?
Maeve: Nice beard.
Otis: What does that mean?
Maeve: Nothing. We're just in very different places.
Otis: If that's what you want to call it.
Maeve: Yeah. Bye Otis.
Otis: Maeve?
Maeve: Yeah.
Otis: It's called a mustache.
Maeve: Yeah, not shit.