Big Changes at School - Sex Education
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Eric is putting makeup on Adam.

They laugh and Adam says he's ready to have sex.

They get in positions, but all of them result in Adam being in the bottom.

Adam's Mum comes in the room and they say they are doing karate.

The next day, Eric tells Otis that he and Adam are going to have sex.

Otis tells Eric to watch out, but Eric scalds him.

They don't know much about each other's relationships.

Eric arranges a picnic to have sex, but Adam feels like he can't go through with it.

Eric calls him a ridiculous young man.

Adam goes to Otis and tells him to stop talking about his relationship.

Otis agrees.

Adam tells Eric that he wants to bottom.

Eric laughs and says that's fine.

Ruby continues to try to boss Otis around and he changes his demeanor by telling her that he will be wearing what he wants.

Hope changes the way people dress for school, causing problems.

Isaac tells Maeve the truth about what he did and she's upset that she iced Otis out because of him.

Maeve tries to contact her mom, but she tells her to leave her alone.

Maeve bumps into her at a meeting with Elsie and they argue.

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Adam: You're going to ruin my makeup.
Eric: I will ruin you.

Adam: I look pretty.
Eric: Introducing Adamina from Moordale.